typewriterA blank page. A deadline. Fingers flexing anxiously over a keyboard.¬†We’ve all been there.

One famous writer gardened every morning and wrote every afternoon in long hand, a cigar balanced between his lips. Did he fill the bank page? You could say so. After The Wizard of Oz, L. Frank Baum wrote 13 sequels.

Maybe you’re finding it tricky putting more heart into that report. Or you want people to use their brains and think because of your words in that advert. Perhaps you’re a bit lost and need someone with courage to write something with vim and verve for your website. And when your customers read your marketing, do they feel at home because your words show you understand them?

We can click our heels together (and use our writing skills) to write content and copy that can take you from black and white Kansas to Technicolour Oz.