voicePublic Speaking course

Is it important for you to craft and deliver presentations that inspire and resonate with your audience? Do you need to know how to create dynamic presentations that people remember?

VOICE develops your skills to speak to others and connect with them. It explores the theory and techniques that add panache to powerful talks, explains how to energise and engage with your audience and strengthen your message through the use of persuasive storytelling.

You’ll also get plenty of time to practice and deliver a range of varied presentations. VOICE transforms your public speaking and you’ll learn the tricks and tips of top speakers who do this kind of thing for a living.



Who is it for?


It’s for anyone who:

  • needs to persuade others they know what they’re talking about e.g. sales or management
  • is eager to use Power Point to excite rather than exhaust
  • wants to practice crafting their words into transformative stories.



How can it help me?


You’ll benefit from:

  • learning how to build drama, suspense and pace into your presentations
  • knowing how to perform like a conductor and lead your audience on a journey
  • creating commanding beginnings and inspirational endings
  • using poetry techniques to highlight your main messages
  • exploring PowerPoint pitfalls and how you can avoid these
  • learning how to create stories to colour the canvas of your talks
  • understanding what a call to action is and how to use it.



How long is it?


  • It’s 15 hours long. This is delivered in weekly sessions of 2.5 hours.