sparkCreativity course

Are you more match-stick men than Monet? Are you in need of a reboot to get that white screen covered with inspiring ideas?

SPARK helps you ignite your creative genie. It showcases today’s most innovative companies and gives you the inside scoop on how you can use their strategies. It spotlights how routines and constraints boost your imagination and why failing actually leads you to creative breakthroughs.

You’ll also explore why throwing a spanner in the works is great for inspiring your creativity and how traditional brainstorming can be adapted to fit different personality types.



Who is it for?


It’s for anyone who:

  • is having difficulty with their refresh button
  • needs to produce creative content or copy
  • works in an innovative role.



How can it help me?


You’ll benefit from:

  • understanding how you can use the 4 stages of cultivating creativity
  • learning why your de-focused mind can be the best thing to creating a great idea
  • practising games to jump start your creative triggers
  • exploring how constructive supportive criticism helps your innovative thinking
  • discovering the difference in creative output for individuals and teams
  • finding out why quantity is better than quality in your creative process
  • applying techniques from top performing companies that cultivate creativity.



How long is it?


  • It’s 6 hours long. This can be delivered in weekly sessions of 2 or 3 hours.