shineBusiness skills course

Does your business writing and presenting have the lustre of a pair of shoes after a long winter? Could it do with a good polish? Eager to communicate more fluently?

SHINE is our little bit of everything course that is perfect for developing clear business English language skills. You’ll get the chance to practice your writing skills and improve your emails, reports and presentations. We also look at developing your understanding and vocabulary by exploring texts from a range of authentic business sources.

And you’ll get plenty of practice in speaking, with a group business presentation, a team debate and an end of course team quiz where points mean prizes for everyone.



Who is it for?


It’s for anyone who:

  • wants to remove clutter and confusion from emails and add clarity
  • needs to write reports that keep their audience awake
  • would love to create dynamic presentations that connect with people.



How can it help me?


You’ll benefit from:

  • learning common native phrases that add bells and whistles to your English
  • exploring authentic business texts e.g. print and online articles, podcasts, business psychology books, business presentations
  • reading, discussing and presenting on a range of business and financial issues
  • building a toolkit of techniques on “softer” business English skills: tone, register and style
  • understanding the use of abbreviations in business correspondence
  • being familiar with the social etiquette and language of business meetings
  • recognising the differences between American English and British English.



How long is it?


  • It’s 12 hours long. This can be delivered in weekly sessions of 2 or 3 hours.