clickNetworking course

Do networking and team events hold the same thrill for you as the dentist’s chair? Could your people skills do with an appointment to add some sparkle?

CLICK shows you how to connect with people in an authentic and natural way. It shares the psychology and effective results behind simple behaviours that can build and nurture your business relationships.

You’ll learn the best ways to communicate with different personality types and how to use that to form top performing teams. You’ll also get the low down on the simple things that make people like you, how to get people to want what you’re selling and how to persuade folk that you’re an authority on what you’re talking about.



Who is it for?


It’s for anyone who:

  • leads a team of people
  • has a diary full of networking engagements
  • needs their people skills in tip top condition to build relationships.



How can it help me?


You’ll benefit from:

  • understanding the psychology behind making and developing new connections
  • knowing how to build trust through self-disclosing conversational techniques
  • learning why where you sit in the office shapes your network
  • being able to influence others without saying a word
  • exploring the skills of high self-monitors and master networkers
  • discovering how to create effective teams
  • using the science of persuasion to influence others.



How long is it?


  • It’s 12 hours long. This can be delivered in weekly sessions of 2 or 3 hours.