The A, B, C of Persuading Your Audience


Chances are, if you’re about to do some public speaking, your talk will be one of many that the audience listens to that day. So, you need your presentation to resonate with your audience so that they get what you’re saying and that you have an effect on them long after you’ve delivered your talk.

Certainly when we’re presenting we are selling something. And author Dan Pink believes that whether we’re on stage or not, we’re all in sales these days as we promote ourselves, our ideas and our services.

He has an A, B, C to help persuade your audience.

First up is A for attunement. This means understanding your audience and what they need – which might not be what you want to tell them. Can you see their perspective and what their challenges are? Can you show empathy for their situation?  Attunement helps you connect with them.

Following this is B for buoyancy. In short, this is staying chipper and positive when your audience might be resistant to your idea. Are you able to put a positive spin on things, can you see the silver lining shining through? Buoyancy keeps your energy levels up and keeps you focused.

Then there’s C for clarity. Sift through the information you want to share and curate it. Contrast it with the mass of information out there already and say what’s different about what you’re offering.

In my opinion, clarity is perhaps the trickiest of all the A, B, Cs. We all experience information overload and the average attention span is now 8 seconds. That’s less attention span than a goldfish.

So, distilling your message is important. This will take time. And as any writer will tell you it’s the editing that polishes the writing and makes it sing. Crafting a presentation is no different.

For more on these A,B,Cs check out Dan Pink’s video below.

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