Why Great Coaching is Like the Classic Cream Tea

cream teaWhat’s coaching got to do with a cream tea? Quite a lot actually.

A scone with just the right amount of crumble. Clotted cream that delivers heaven. Jam that is jamish in all the right ways. Served on elegant china and savored with a great pot of tea.

What’s coaching got to do with that? Quite a lot actually.

The right one

There are lots of creams teas on the market just as there are lots of coaches. Finding the right one with the right chemistry is important.

A dry scone can turn your mouth into the Sahara and if the connection isn’t there between you and your coach you’ll be drying up, too, and wishing your session was soon over.

So, it’s important to find out that if there’s chemistry between you both and meet her before you start a proper coaching session.

Things to consider are:

Is there rapport between you?

Do you feel you could open up to this person and trust her?

When she describes how she works with her clients, do you like the sound of it?

If you’re getting good vibes in these areas you’ll next want to find out about the contract.

What does this mean? It means starting with the end in mind.

In cream tea terms this means knowing how you want to feel at the end of the experience. For example, you could want to feel like you’ve had a sweet treat, are energized by lots of tea and are relaxed in comfy surroundings by a cozy fireside.

In coaching terms this also means knowing how you want to feel at the end of the experience. What’s the long term goal of the coaching? And what’s the goal of each coaching session? What outcomes do you want to achieve?

Have a good think about this and be clear about your expectations.

How can your coach be of value to you during your coaching sessions?  Don’t be shy to say what you need and what you want. This is your coaching session.

Be indulgent

We don’t tuck into the ceremony of a cream tea every day.

Coaching is the same.

What you explore in a session with your coach will be how you think and feel about challenges you’re facing. And you get to explore these in some depth.

If you’ve not done this before it might feel a little indulgent and a little uncomfortable. Kind of like how you feel after that third scone piled high with cream and jam.

You might find it strange to open up to a stranger and if you’re a private person who doesn’t wear their heart on their sleeve you may feel it’s a bit conceited to be banging on about yourself for 90 minutes.

But don’t worry. You might think you’re rambling but a good coach will ask you questions to encourage you to unearth and explore those thoughts and feelings in a constructive way. This will let you see a clearer path in a direction that works for you.

Fine china

A great cream tea comes served in china that would make your granny proud. Accompanied with delicate cutlery and a starched napkin, the scene is set.

Creating the right coaching environment is also key.

Just as pretty plates and cake stands provide structure, a good coach will help provide you with structure to explore your challenges.

She’ll support you to look at the impact of challenges you’re experiencing and she’ll create a safe space where you can consider options to create the shift you want.

And like a great waiter who keeps topping up your tea, your coach will be there to keep you topped up with the energy and drive you need to commit to actions to produce the change you’re after.

She’ll help you review your progress and the practical ways you can pursue your goals.

Which brings us full circle and to the importance of choosing a coach that’s right for you.

The cream tea is just the beginning…

Whether you’re an Earl Grey enthusiast, an Assam fan or daft about Darjeeling, the kind of energy your coach brings to your sessions is important to help you recharge and fuel up for the change you’re seeking.

Putting the kettle on at the start of your coaching is the first step in an experience that can transform you.

And the sweetest part isn’t the jam.

It’s the change that you’ll create yourself though working with a coach that’s right for you.

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