Five news stories that will make you smile

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Scroll down for some international stories as sweet as this cake.

Dismayed by the drama in the news? These 5 articles show that our world is not going to hell in a hand basket and that when life gives you lemons, demand cake.

Last night a news app sent me an update. It had one of the following headlines. Which do you think it was?

  • The sky’s the limit for South African space project girls
  • Helping refugees integrate through language learning
  • One woman dead and five injured after attack

Happily, the first two headlines above do exist and you can read about them here and here on Positive News, a magazine that focuses on progress and possibility.

However, if you chose the 3rd headline you’d be correct. Sadly, the communication we receive from the media is so often a diet of disaster and some people’s behaviour feeds this hungry machine – most notably, he who shall not be named, the US Republican nominee, bringing the same levels of delight Voldemort brought to J.K. Rowling’s imaginary world. Yet if there’s one thing Harry Potter taught us it’s that dark days pass.

And so to continue the good vibes, here are 3 more stories for you to grin about.

Reader, I married him

Once upon a time, in 2012, a pink haired circus performer started to swoon at the tweets sent from Oxford Street’s Waterstone’s bookstore. Smitten, she used a mix of doughnuts and charm to get the tweeter’s attention. Did it work? They got married this July.

Syrian who swam for life now swims in Olympics

Tomorrow marks the start of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and this story of a young woman who’s going to compete in it will melt your heart. It’s about two sisters swimming in the Mediterranean for more than 3 hours, the kindness of strangers and why you should check your email or you could miss some terrific news.

The Intrepid Gnome

Fans of the film “Amélie” will love this gem. Many of us dream of having adventures. Some of us can only sit and watch others do this. Like the gnome in British Colombia. Or so you’d think. Leopold the gnome has bucked this trend. He’s embarked on a trip of his own AND written a book about it.



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