How to Make your Team More Productive


How looking at productivity differently can get your audience on its feet applauding

He knows this guy can be an opera star. And he knows people would adore him. There’s just one slight problem; he can only really sing in the shower.

In Woody Allen’s To Rome with Love the answer to this problem is both hilarious and brilliant. At first people think the solution is plain nuts, however, the end result produces a standing ovation from the audience.

What gets them on their feet? More about that, shortly.

Meanwhile, in her brilliant book Beyond Measure Margaret Heffernan explores companies who are doing things differently to be more productive. The TV channel, Dave, and the company iRobot have clever ways of focusing their productivity.

They’ve both built simulations of their customers’ homes inside their offices, helping them experience the product they make like their customers do.

In her frank and down to earth TED talk, Heffernan goes on to share 3 things that make groups really productive:

  1. They are strong on empathy and are socially sensitive to one another.
  2. They share the floor and give members equal time to contribute to the group.
  3. They have more women in them.

How can you implement Heffernan’s top 3 productivity tips for your team?

Whilst we may not be nurturing a desire to send opera house audiences into raptures we all want to do things in a productive and effective way that works for our customers. Working with our personal style and idiosyncrasies can help reach these achievements.

As Woody Allen demonstrates, being productive isn’t all about check lists and time keeping, it can be about exploring that wacky idea that produces the result to really connect with your audience – just maybe not in the way that you might traditionally think of.

Taking inspiration from Woody Allen, how can you produce the result you want by looking at things from a different angle?

As for how to get your audience on its feet? Check out the clip below to see genius at work.








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