The importance of teams having game plans

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Getting it sorted the Icelandic way

If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands. The Icelandic team celebrating with their fans after beating England.

“There are two seasons in Ottawa” says the lady as we wait outside the changing rooms. “Winter and construction.”

And this year it’s worse. About three weeks ago a 3 lane sink hole appeared in Ottawa’s Rideau Street, swallowing a minivan (no-one was hurt). Construction and reconstruction is still everywhere in this main shopping street and it’s not pretty. But a team at work is getting it sorted.

On Monday, two people were shrieking from the soles of their air conditioned feet in an apartment in Canada’s capital – my Viking husband and I. The Icelandic football team had been down 1 nil and had regrouped and rallied, scoring not one but two goals against England in fourteen minutes, securing their victory.

The media has gone a bit bonkers over this, little old Iceland, David to England’s Goliath, a fairy tale seemingly from nowhere. You get the picture. But at the heart it was a team getting it sorted.

And then there’s the opera of Brexit that is unravelling in the UK. Lots of sink holes appearing. Not much of a game plan. And no team getting it sorted.

The Icelandic football team may have secured a win on Monday but this was achieved with a game plan, and many years of coaching and sheer graft. Kids as young as three can access the pool of 600 top coaches in Iceland which shows you how much practice and planning there is.

Our best teams show us that this is how we can achieve real progress, how we can repair roads and hit more balls in the back of the net than the other guys.

And that when you only have two seasons you’d better use winter to prepare for construction.






  1. Sandra Mercer
    3rd July 2016

    Funny to read about our interaction. Happy that Iceland beat Goliath. Go Iceland versus France.

  2. micaallan
    25th July 2016

    Thanks for your comment, Sandra. It was inspiring to see Iceland’s team performance in the competition and see the “little guy” do so well.


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