Why you should hire an Icelander for your team

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Blog 5 _Birkir Bjarnason

Birkir Bjarnason celebrates after scoring against Portugal during Euro 2016

In the little population of Iceland (320,000) football is big. Thanks to their opening performance in Euro 2016, Iceland has come to the attention of the sporting world.

Here are three reasons why you’d want an Icelander on your team, whether it’s football, flower arranging or fundraising.


Once upon a time, in 874 A.D. to be precise, a group of Norwegians decided they’d had enough of King Harald’s greedy powers. These outlaws, farmers and chieftains travelled on open boats and settled in Iceland, to farm and fish.

Right off the bat this shows a people with a steely determination wanting to control their own fate rather than having it imposed by others. Take note, Ronaldo.


They get stuff done. No matter the weather or how busy they are. The important stuff like barbequing and eating ice cream are year round activities.

Full time job, little ones at home, doing a Master’s degree, training for a half marathon and making your own sour dough bread? Very common. And done without complaint or bravado. Take note, Ronaldo.


A lot of them are introverts. Perhaps it’s the huge open spaces. Iceland’s 320,000 population is scattered across a land mass the same size as Kentucky. Or maybe it’s the pure water and unpolluted air that invites deep reflection.

Icelanders publish the most books per capita of any country in the world and 1 in 10 Icelandic people will publish a book in their lifetime. All this means that they’re a thoughtful bunch who can express themselves well. Take note, Ronaldo.

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