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Executive coaching Executive coaching

You know the force is out there, you just need that extra support to get there and master it. Help you we can with coaching tailored just for you.

Presentations Presentations

You’re at a party. You can be yourself, everyone gets you and you make lasting connections. We can help you do presentations like that.

Writing Writing

Like Harry Potter’s flair with spells, we can use our power with words to make others sit up and take notice of you. Latin optional.

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What this little bird can teach you about sales and marketing

What this little bird can teach you about sales and marketing

The orange flame bower bird has got its sales and marketing down to a fine tee (photo courtesy of BBC). Grit, graft and gumption. Landing a client takes time. We’d love it to be a quick tick box exercise, something simple that gets us that new account. But it’s a process. And the more thought, […]

Engagement – The Icelandic Way

Engagement – The Icelandic Way

Posted by on Sep 30, 2018 in culture, engagement, language, leadership, teams | No Comments

Why little kids run, how to make workplace culture every employees’ responsibility and creating engagement the Icelandic way. The comedian Eddie Izzard says that kids run everywhere for the reason that “there could be ice cream over there” – getting to the heart of what’s really important to a 4 year old. It’s so true, […]

Why do women use more exclamation marks than men?

Why do women use more exclamation marks than men?

Why one little piece of punctuation shapes how we see people, what women can do to be seen as more professional in the workplace and why Hemingway would have had a tough time on social media. Exclamation marks. Love them or hate them, to exclaim or not to exclaim: that is the question. Because although […]

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Happy clients

Zoë Robert, Managing Editor, Iceland Review magazine

Mica has worked as a freelance contributor for Iceland Review since 2008. She has a particular flair for creating engaging pieces, covering business and culture-related topics as well as stories of difficult life experiences. Professional, reliable and delivers on time.

- Zoë Robert, Managing Editor, Iceland Review magazine
Heiðrún Sigfúsdóttir, Dimmblá

Mica is quick to understand my requirements and always delivers excellent text that fits my needs exactly. She is easy to work with and produces the product in advance of deadlines. Her ability to add excellent keyword research and valuable guidance in relation to all aspects of copy writing have made her an essential part of my workflow.

- Heiðrún Sigfúsdóttir, Dimmblá
Valdimar Aðalsteinsson, Íslandsbanki

I’ve now attended a few Bloom Communication courses and have gained a better understanding of business writing, how to write a speech and I’m now much more confident and better able to deliver presentations. I’ve also got a better understanding of people’s behavior. My communication skills are much stronger and I’ve really loved the courses.

- Valdimar Aðalsteinsson, Íslandsbanki
Zita Major, Össur

I’m a designer who attended the Tech course and found it really well structured and inspirational. Mica has an extensive knowledge of writing, language and grammar, and thanks to her natural curiosity she knows a lot more than that. She really tries to understand what you need so she can give you the best “tailor-made” knowledge. I recommend her courses for everyone who’s interested in writing or developing language skills, she’s one of the most talented teachers I’ve ever met.

- Zita Major, Össur
Randy Fleckenstein, Rotary Club Reykjavik-International

Mica gave a talk to my Rotary club on the power of stories in public speaking and inspired a group of 15 from several different countries to actively use their imaginations to experience the story as a way to deliver a message. It was obvious that the entire group very much enjoyed her lively banter, professional organisation, use of props and uncanny ability to remove barriers and have everyone take part.

- Randy Fleckenstein, Rotary Club Reykjavik-International
Muriel Léglise, Medis

I took the public speaking course Voice and Mica is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. Professional, resourceful and encouraging, if you’re intimidated to speak in public, she’s the one to bring the solutions and give you all the tools for successful and effective presentations!

- Muriel Léglise, Medis